What happened next: how Evrnu’s Stacy Flynn made textile magic (okay fine, it’s actually science), secured $9M in funding and a partnership with Stella McCartney

For the 200th episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, we had to bring back a special guest, fan favorite, visionary FEST pioneer and all around badass for an update episode looking at what kind of amazing things can happen in a couple years’ time. Since the beginning of the Spirit of 608 podcast way back in the fall of 2015 (I know!), we have aimed to inspire, inform and entertain women in FEST so they push on and continue bringing much-needed change to an industry that, while slow to adopt it in the past, is, these days at least, hungrier for it than ever. Listen to this update episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast to hear what happened next for this game-changing guest and her brand, whose entire purpose is to change fashion by creating technology capable of completely transforming textile waste into new fibers and new garments. That in and of itself is cool enough to warrant our FEST-ive fan girling, but when you hear they recently landed $9M in funding, a partnership with Stella McCartney + more, it’s hard to not listen to what this fabulous female founder has to say.Re-meet this week’s guest, Stacy Flynn, founder and CEO of Evrnu.

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What you need to know:

Stacy Flynn and Evrnu have been turning heads all around with an innovative technology that breaks textiles down in order to create new fibers. Now, they’re back on the Spirit of 608 to talk their latest milestones, which includes the development of NuCycl, a new kind of engineered fiber with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages that’s made from discarded clothing and has caught the eyes names such as Levi’s, Adidas, Target and Stella McCartney.



Facebook: @evrnu

Instagram: @evrnu

Twitter: @futureofapparel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/evrnu/

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Stella McCartney


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