What happened next: how ANDIE went from scrappy startup to the fastest growing digitally native swimwear brand in two years with founder Melanie Travis


A lot (A LOT) of female founders at the forefront of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST) have come on the Spirit of 608 podcast since we launched four years ago, and we’ve reveled in their stories and advice for growing sustainable and ethical brands that not only create change, but survive and thrive. But few have come back for round two. All that’s about to change.

Here’s the deal: in fiction, stories end. But in real life, they keep going. Sometimes they unravel. But sometimes, they continue to get better and better. That’s more than the case with Andie Swim, whose founder Melanie Travis first came on the Spirit of 608 podcast in 2017 during her company’s earliest days. In this week’s episode, this New York startup founder is back to tell us what’s happened since we first spoke, including how she’s built a team and grown her company to hold the title of fastest-growing digitally native swimwear brand.

Meet this week’s guest, Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim. 

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What you need to know:

On this week’s show, Melanie and I talk about how she moved from some of the best known tech startups around (Kickstarter and Four Square, among them) to launch an ecommerce company aiming to change the way women shop for simple, stylish and – yes – functional one-piece bathing suits. Please and thank you to that. But what’s even more interesting than the opportunity to get a go-anywhere suit overnighted to you for at-home try on is the way Melanie has grown her New York startup with the help and generosity of another startup – her former employer, as it happens.

Listen in to hear Melanie school us on maintaining great relationships with past employers and creating unfair advantages by building an insanely good network of supporters. Then we’ll dive into the media strategy she and her team have used to turn press coverage into a catalyst for better digital marketing.



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