The Top Eco-Friendly Packaging Resources FEST Founders Are Loving Right Now

For many FEST founders, simply creating product that is ethically made or produced with sustainable materials is not enough. There’s also all the paper and plastic and shipping supplies that help apparel and accessories make their way safely from store to customer to think about. It’s no surprise that designers and makers who put so much thought into creating core product in socially-responsible ways are seeking out packaging options that align with their values.

That add-on sourcing challenge is one FEST founders discussed recently inside the Spirit of 608 Facebook group, thanks to designer Elizabeth Rees, whose UK-based line Eliza Eliza relies on organic hemp-cotton for its bags and purses. When Elizabeth asked other founders in the group how they currently handle eco-friendly packaging, a number of great options surfaced.

Here are the top sources for eco-friendly packaging they recommended:


Recommended by Pure Colour Baby‘s Lindsay Down, whose organic baby apparel is thoughtfully made to grow with little people, EcoEnclose offers eco-friendly packaging of all kinds (right down to the tape) and custom printing for boxes and mailers. Founded by Erin Kimmett, the Colorado company gets bonus points for its Pinterest community and spotlighting customers on its packaging blog.

Designer Amy Daileda also uses EcoEnclose at Vivid Element, a Portland-based womenswear company whose skirts, tops and dresses feature eco-friendly materials, bold hues and fabrics that wash and travel easily.

Nashville Wraps

For recycled tissue paper that’s made in the USA, Green Orchyd‘s Christine Payant-Myint turns to this Tennessee supplier. Along with its eco-friendly options for bags and trimming, the company’s How-to video series shows viewers tips and tricks for creating and perfecting boxes, windows and displays.


Amy also suggested this San Francisco Bay Area printing company for product tags and business cards made using high-quality, sustainable and high recycled content materials, as well as soy and vegetable inks. This G7 certified company also stands out for being carbon neutral.

Harmless Packaging

Another company to grab FEST founders’ attention is this UK purveyor of bags that dissolve in water. In what we think is a pretty amazing development for brands who need to use a plastic-like solution to protect merch from the elements while they’re transit, Harmless Packaging has come up with a biodegradable bag that’s also water soluble, compostable and can be printed with biodegradable inks.


This popular print-on-demand solution for business cards, flyers, company letterhead is one more than a few FEST founders have turned to for paper needs. While eco-friendly is not its core offering, Moo’s green business cards made of recycled paper are an option for those seeking an environmentally-conscious choice.

Other tips

Designers are also getting creative with how they package. If you’re looking to reduce, reuse and recycle your brand’s packaging in the future, here are a few other things that are currently working for these and other FEST designers:

  • Organic cotton and hemp cord for tying boxes and packages
  • Shipping handbags and items that need extra protection in organic cotton or hemp dust bags instead of plastic
  • Opting for sticker printed on recycled paper to seal packages

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