The 6 Habits That Helped Me Have My Best Month of 2020 in July

I was as shocked as anyone to discover after reviewing my numbers that, who would have thought in the midst of uncertainty and a pandemic, I had my best month in terms of revenue for the entire year this July. I was surprised, until I started to unpack what I’d been doing differently. I discovered that there were six things I’ve focused on this year that stood out. In fact, I did more than focus on these six things. I made them habits. 

In this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I break down those six habits. They are things anyone can implement in their own life and business, and they’re especially relevant to busy, ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to have freedom, control, flexibility and fulfillment in their lives. And also so time to lie around on the couch talking about why the people on Married At First Sight do what they do, plot ways to be an embarrassing mom in public, paddleboard, teach yoga and stalk secondhand clothes online. 

Listen for the sweet six so you can try on habits that might work for you and help create something new in your world. Plus, more behind-the-scenes of my own business life than I’ve shared on the Spirit of 608 podcast before – ever.

Hear more on this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast.

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