Meet the #so608 Team

Lorraine Sanders


Lorraine Sanders is a journalist, media strategist, podcast producer and host with a special interest in the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech. It’s a space she coined FEST. Ask her about it, and she’ll tell you it’s the future of the fashion industry.

She is also the founder of PressDope by Spirit of 608, a digital alternative to PR for FEST founders and socially responsible startup brands.

Still curious? You can find her published writing at


Production + Partnerships

Neil Hord leads partnerships and collaborations for Spirit of 608, including production during on-site events and special projects.

A musician and lifelong creative, Neil is also perhaps the pickiest, most discerning consumer we know. A believer in high-quality goods made to last who hails from the foothills of North Carolina, he divides his time between helping to support and grow the Spirit of 608 through partnerships, collaborations and events and a successful career in real estate.

In his free time, Neil can be found woodworking and repurposing furniture, working out and hanging out with his family.

norlyn golez

Production Manager

Norlyn Jean Golez is a longtime, professional virtual assistant who helps keep the lights on and the wheels in motion at the Spirit of 608. Without her, the daily tasks we rely on to keep the podcast coming out each month would grind to a halt and we would all most definitely crumble into stress puddles.

When she’s not working with Spirit of 608, she specializes in helping business owners and entrepreneurs around the world save time and get more done. She’s also a small business entrepreneur, social media marketer and SEO specialist. In her free time, she’s a health and fitness buff, pet lover, music fan and avid gamer. Visit her on Instagram and LinkedIn or email her.

chrisjo asilum

Multimedia Producer

Chrisjo Asilum is a passionate graphic artist and multimedia pro adept in a wide range of disciplines. She’s our go-to for social media graphics, video editing and all manner of web candy for the Spirit of 608 and PressDope web sites and social media accounts.

When she’s not working on Spirit of 608, she can be found helping to grow her own lemonade company and creating designs, branding, social media and marketing packages for entrepreneurs around the world.

We love that she’s always up ridiculously late and enjoys everything about visual arts, reading, cinnamon and traveling. You can find her on Instagram and Linkedin. Check out her portfolio or shoot her an


Editorial Producer

Mika Fabella creates editorial content for the Spirit of 608 through her work on our blog, audio transcriptions and web site.

When she’s not working for the Spirit of 608, she is a longtime freelance writer, dancer, travel enthusiast and an all-around geek (in the best way possible). She danced professionally for 7 years as a company scholar with Ballet Philippines and also just happens to be quite well-known in the cosplay world. It leads her to things like wear Storm Trooper helmets every once in a while.

In her free time, Mika can be found being the most creative person you know. From costumes to music, she is always aiming to inspire others to pursue their dreams. You can find her on Instagram and on her blog.



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