A Statement Bag for your FEST-ive Life

Desperately seeking a cutting edge bag for summer? Who would think you’d find just that from a company that’s over a hundred years old?

It’s not your usual situation, but then it’s all quite fitting: Perrin Paris isn’t a usual suspect fashion brand, nor are its iconic clutches anywhere near ordinary bags. In fact, this might be the most FEST-ive statement bag we’ve come across yet (what is FEST? Read more here).

As Perrin Paris COO Olga Pancenko told us when she came to chat for the Spirit of 608 podcast, the family-owned and operated company’s bags aren’t just solutions for carrying things: they’re also designed to be pieces of art. In fact, the signature glove clutch styling is so unique that the company has even patented the bag design itself.

Also fascinating – and you can hear much more about this in EP 135 of the Spirit of 608 podcast – are Perrin’s avant garde manufacturing techniques. Instead of farming their production out to second and third parties outside of Europe (which the vast majority of European fashion houses quietly do to keep costs in check), Perrin owns and operates its own facility in Vietnam.

What’s more, the coveted French luxury brand’s Vietnam atelier has gained a reputation as one of the best places to work at in Vietnam, complete with ample vacation leave, an in-house chef to cook healthy meals, an eco-minded rainwater collection system and, of course, fair pay. One other fun fact: the atelier uses zero machinery. Instead, its master craftspeople construct everything by hand, just as it would have been done back in the companies early days.


So how does a thing like Perrin Paris happen? The family business started as a glove company established in 1893 (back when women everywhere wore gloves as a daily wardrobe basic). Since then, it’s been handed down for over four generations. And while gloves may have gone out of style, Perrin hasn’t forgotten about its roots. Taking its history to heart, but evolving it for the here and now, Perrin’s glove clutch is one of the most unique, statement-making bags in the luxury market.

With years of innovation and heritage as a foundation, Perrin is actually using its past to propel it forward. As Olga explains during her episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, the company not only values traditional handcrafted leather practices, but they are also comfortable knowing exactly who their customer is – and who she’s not. These boundaries mean they don’t have to compromise on the quality of their product, whether or not the market changes. They know exactly who the Perrin woman is: sophisticated, chic, intelligent, a conscious consumer, creative and artistic and, above all else, looking for something unusual that makes a statement.  

If you think you fit the description, head on over to their site to check out some unforgettable pieces and learn more about the story behind the brand on the Spirit of 608 podcast.

Images courtesy of Perrin Paris



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