#so608 Recycle: Swoon-Worthy Secondhand Style Filing For IPO with The RealReal’s Julie Wainwright

Need inspiration this week? Then listen to this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast. Not only has this week’s guest built a business that pushes fashion forward in a positive direction, her company — which was originally featured on the show in its earliest days — is filing for freakin’ IPO people. It doesn’t get much more FEST-ive than that.

You can listen to the show for the current news, but here’s what we said way back when:

If luxury consignment and ecommerce run in similar circles these days, it’s thanks in no small part to Julie Wainwright, founder and CEO of TheRealReal.  An early player in an arena that’s become increasingly crowded in recent years, this female founder and startup veteran leads a company that’s raised over $80 million in venture capital and has made a name of itself as a go-to for discounts on coveted finds from Chanel dresses and Hermes Birkin bags to looks inspired by the latest runway trends.

Does the key to her entrepreneurial stamina and cool-amid-chaos demeanor stem from her years of experience building companies through the first dot.com boom to bust to now? That hasn’t hurt, but Julie reveals she actually learned to triumph over stress at a much earlier age.

Hear Julie get frank about her childhood and the misdiagnosed terminal illness in her family that shaped her future, as well as her career building companies selling products from software to preventive health tools and pet supplies on this episode of the podcast.

Listen to the show for her perspective on problem solving (there’s always a good solution), her start at Clorox, and what she always tells her board to keep the team on the right track.

Meet this week’s guest, Julie Wainwright, Founder of TheRealReal.

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What you need to know:

The luxury business is a $1.5 trillion dollar industry, and TheRealReal is revolutionizing it one consignment at a time.

The RealReal started small. Working at her kitchen table and visiting consignor homes with a U-Haul, leader CEO Julie Wainwright built The RealReal out of her own home. Today, it’s the premiere site for online luxury consignment with multiple locations across the United States that accept and ship product worldwide.


The RealReal: www.therealreal.com

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