#so608 Recycle: Proving an Industry Wrong with Dia & Co’s Plus Size Victory, $95M + Betsey Johnson

When underdogs not only win, but become game changers in a space that’s long (long) overdue for a new normal, I not only rejoice — I bring conversations back to the Spirit of 608 podcast. In this week’s #s0608 recycle, we hear from a founder who’s company is creating seismic shifts in apparel by changing how clothing in sizes 14 and up looks in women’s lives and in their closets. When we first spoke with this founder, she was on her way to proving that plus size fashion made not only logical, rational sense, but also whip-smart business sense. With a reported $95M in venture funding to date and the recent release of her brand’s collaboration with iconic designer Betsey Johnson, she’s showing that big name labels are ready to offer clothing in sizes that represent the real range of the U.S. population — and not simply the minority whose bodies align with an industry’s outdated, psychologically damaging and discriminatory marketing tactics. Listen in for a conversation that will inspire you to keep going in pursuit of what you believe in.

Meet this week’s guest, Nadia Boujarwah, CEO of Dia & Co.

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