So You Succeeded – But What Comes Next? A Conversation With Factory45’s Shannon Lohr

This week, we’re bringing a listener favorite back to the show for a rare second episode on the Spirit of 608 podcast. We first heard this FEST founder’s story in podcast episode 53, but a lot’s happened since then. Not only has she continued to grow her business by leaps and bounds, she’s expanding into new territory as she explores new ways to serve and support the sustainable apparel brands that graduate from her online accelerator program. Less than a week ago, she debuted a new marketplace that’s already catching buzz, and she’s back to tell us all about it – and the surprising things that happen when you keep pushing forward slowly, strategically and with intention.

Meet this week’s guest, Shannon Lohr, Founder of Factory45.

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What you’ll learn

As the sustainable and ethical fashion space grows, one has to wonder what the terms “sustainable” and “ethical” really even mean. Is truly sustainable possible? What does ethical mean exactly, and are we even using it in the right way? Shannon is back on the Spirit of 608 to share with us her thoughts on the matter, this time she’s armed with a couple more years of experience and a more holistic point of view of the ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

How you’ll be inspired

So often we think about business growth bringing more complications and headaches. Bigger business, bigger problems, right? But Shannon has a different story: as her business grew, things actually got easier. Like a lot easier. Hear how she did it on this week’s show. 

What you’ll tell your friends

Did you know that there’s a new online shop for sustainable and ethical, made-in-the-USA brands? You’ll find an excellent, curated selection of labels — and each company actually came through the Factory45 program, so you know they’ve been trained to produce apparel as responsibly as possible.

Resource of the week

Asana: As we find out in this episode, Shannon is a master of planning. She credits part of that to Asana for her daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to-do lists. 

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