Shopping Your Body Shape with Fit + Flatter

These days, sharing is everywhere. We share just about everything on one social network or another (and sometimes maybe more than we should). We share cars with Uber and jewelry with Rocksbox and on-trend style with Rent the Runway. But even with all that sharing, few companies have emerged that share size and fit information in a way that allows shoppers to make better choices across a number of brands.

Enter Fit + Flatter, a newly launched two-in-one shopping platform and social network that’s run entirely on customer reviews and recommendations.

Founder Malina Padgett says that her company is out to revolutionize the shopping experience by allowing consumers to see clothing on women who look like them instead of the standard approach, where so many of us see clothing on people who look absolutely nothing like us. By seeing how the clothes look on body types of all shapes and sizes, Fit + Flatter allows women to look good and to shop smarter and more efficiently. “Fit + Flatter is a social, body positivity network where women can engage and encourage each other to embrace their unique frames,” Malina tells Spirit of 608.

Growing steadily in popularity on the social network scene, the company has partnered up with several body positive bloggers and influencers, such as She Saw Style, Tall and Natural, The Daily Lace, Mermaid Waves, and Amber Nicole. You’ll be able to see their personal fashion picks in their Fit + Flatter closets. Their partner brands reflect the vision that they have for promoting fashion on all body types. For example, among basics from mainstream brands from Title Nine to Spanx, you’ll find jackets from Tall Poppy (for the vertically challenged) and everyday must-haves from the plus-size line Yona from New York.

Refreshingly, Fit + Flatter is not filled with pic after pic of models who would probably look great in everything. The network is powered by real bodies off all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. There’s even women of different ages – something you see on so very few sites today.

Here’s how it works

When creating an account, you’ll pick out your body type – whether you’ve got a hourglass shape, inverted triangle, rectangle, et cetera – and tell the site a little bit about yourself. Knowing your likes and dislikes in your fashion taste hooks you up with influencers and brands that fit your style, and you’ll be able to see how the latest trends will fit you or your closest body type.

Your account comes with your very own closet feature, where you can save some choice garments and even upload some photos of yourself wearing them. And yes, you can like, recommend, and share the things you see with your Fit + Flatter contacts, just like on Facebook or Instagram.

You also have your own news feed and a blog where you can jot down your thoughts. In addition,Fit + Flatter also makes shopping easier for you by directing you to the places you can purchase the clothes that you’ve found online.

This completely takes the guesswork out of shopping. You won’t need to gamble on whether that top that looks great on the size zero woman will look good on you. You can just check out the profiles of users who have your body type and even interact and ask them about it.

The Fit + Flatter staff are also very active on the site and even have their own Staff Picks feed, so you can see what the team behind the company is currently loving most.

Fit + Flatter is hoping to change the way we shop for the better, not matter your size. And if that means purchasing less of the wrong stuff, keeping high-quality items for longer and using technology to connect with other women to make better buying decisions, we’re all for it.



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