Scope Guy Candy & Gift #Inspo with the Hamptons-Inspired Spring Collection from Mizzen + Main

Just in time for February’s onslaught of pre-Valentine’s Day gift giving and spring oh so (we hope) close, we’ve got our eye on the latest from Mizzen + Main.

Whether or not you’ve got guy gifts on your list, you’ll want to know more about this menswear startup, which began out of husband-and0wife team Jen and Kevin Lavelle’s house and is now available at select Nordstroms, and over 300 additional retailers in the U.S. and UK.

The growth makes sense when you get a look at the enviable way the Texas-born startup fuses style, comfort and function to create men’s clothing that looks for all the world like made-for-the-office attire, but in fact harbors hidden technologies drawn from the fitness and performance realms. Built with light-weight fabrics that repel moisture, fight sweat, move with subtle stretch and can all be washed and dried at home, Mizzen + Main’s shirts act like activewear even though they look like nothing even close.

The new collection for Spring 2017 mixes pearl gray, dusty aqua, navy and peach hues in solids and gingham prints for a palette inspired by the Hamptons. It’s a fitting follow-up to past collections, each of which is anchored in men’s staples such as henleys, chinos, polos and classic tees.

When Mizzen + Main’s Jen Lavelle stopped by the Spirit of 608 in EP 54, she let us on the good and bad of running a business with a significant other. No surprise that sharing a working relationship, much like a personal one, works best when it’s 50/50. “Sometimes when Kevin and I go to a conference or a meeting and I’m introduced as the CMO of Mizzen+Main,” she tells Spirit of 608. “And somehow when you bring up the fact that I’m also the spouse of the other partner that’s running the business, it devalues my work in some way, which is so funny because this is a 24/7 deal for both of us. I think we feel as though it brings a heck of a lot of value.”

The husband and wife team built the company together, starting with their savings, with the goal of taking traditional smart casual menswear and improving on it. “The same fabrics you would wear on the golf course or on the tennis court…we’ve brought to the same clothing items you would wear with a suit and tie.” No wonder the brand has been a hit with athletes and teamed up with pros such NFL player JJ Watt, tennis player John Isner and the NHL’s Antoine Roussel, to name a few.

While Jen’s story was a hit with show listeners, it’s Mizzen + Main’s low-maintenance fabrics that are the big draw for the guys who wear their line. “You wash on cold and hang out to dry, which is good for a lot of gentlemen who don’t really care to do either one of those things,” Jen says.

Connect with this FEST brand @mizzenandmain or scope the full spring collection when you shop new arrivals here. — Mika Fabella

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