Sara Emilia Bernát on the Future of Sustainable Luxury Fashion (Plus The 3-Step Market Analysis Training Every FEST Founder Needs Right Now)

Look ahead, how will the state of the world change fashion — and the business of fashion — forever? If you’re like me, thinking about what’s next can be inspiring and motivating. For businesses, the changes up ahead in consumer behavior, spending preferences and what’s considered valuable in the first place are inevitable. But what will they be? 

This week’s guest, who went from high fashion modeling to studying fashion’s ties to culture in some of the best fashion-driven academic institutions there are, has spent years studying the ways people relate to luxury. When the economic crisis of 2008 changed lives around the world, a cultural shift towards internalized luxury soon followed, she argues. Green smoothies and juice cleanses anyone? How about super popular celeb-backed online brands tied to clean living strategies? You get the point. As we emerge from the global pandemic, luxury will shift again. Hear where she’s convinced it’s going and how that related to sustainability on this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast.

Listen for a fashion industry insider’s journey to academic success in the field, as well as predictions for the future of consumer behavior (hint: sustainability is going to play a major role). Along with that, an added bonus at the end of this episode is our guest’s 3-part Market Analysis training. She’ll walk you through why every FEST brand needs a proper market analysis and how to do it in three easy steps you can start this week.

Meet this week’s guest, Global Luxury Brand Strategist Sara Emilia Bernát

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