20: Rocksbox’s Meaghan Rose and Maia Bittner on Being Co-Founders, Thought Partners & Customer Service Champs


Technically speaking, they’re co-founders. But Meaghan Rose and Maia Bittner, the CEO and COO behind San Francisco jewelry subscription company RocksBox, are much more likely to refer to each other as thought partners. The company didn’t begin as a two-woman show. As you’ll hear in today’s episode, Meaghan started her venture alone. Maia was her first hire. And before either of them knew it, Maia was re-routing her life, turning down grad school in Copenhagen less than a month before her scheduled departure to stay on and join the team as an official co-founder.

“One of the things that I try to be really deliberate about in my life is recognizing opportunities when they do just show up,” Maia tells me during our talk. It’s good advice, as is the duo’s take on what it takes to build excellent customer service (something I have personally tested more than a few times in Rocksbox’s case).

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Listen to the show for Meaghan and Maia’s story, their advice for testing out new social media platforms and the all-team activity the company recently tried that brought everyone together and got the job done.


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