Renewal Workshop Lets You Shop Recycled & Repaired PrAna + More

While we wait for the future – when fabric will be broken down and turned into like-new textiles that can be brought back to market – the only truly eco-friendly way to buy new clothes is to purchase something that’s already in the world. The trouble is, even with hunger for secondhand style and thrifted fashion at an all-time high, there are often issues with clothes we find floating around in the resale arena.

And along with that, just one missing button, fraying hemline, broken zipper or probably fixable coffee stain, and a garment that could easily be worn again ends up diverted from donations headed for resale. At best, it ends up as insulation. At worst, in a landfill.

That it’s such a seemingly simple problem and yet so hard to solve is one of the reasons we were hooked from the get-go as soon as we heard what the folks at Renewal Workshop were up to from their Oregon home base. You’ll find their story and co-founder Nicole Bassett’s path from sustainable apparel expert to startup founder in Spirit of 608 EP 66: The Mavericks Repairing & Revamping Patagonia, PrAna and Other Ethical Apparel Brands.

If we were excited to get Nicole on the show last summer to talk sustainability in the apparel world and what it’s like to shift gears mid-career to build an entirely new business from the ground up, we were nothing short of beyond-amped to discover Renewal Workshop’s official launch this week.

With that, you can shop pre-worn, but carefully cleaned, repaired and refurbished women’s and men’s apparel from ethical brands such as ibex, Indigenous, PrAna, Mountain Khakis and Toad & Co. Prices are less than their new counterparts, and you’ll find covetable past-season styles that are no longer sold by those brands one again available for you to scoop up.

In just a few short months, Nicole and the team at Renewal Workshop are already making an impact.


Those are gorgeous facts. Just the things to go along with a new PrAna sweater or Toad & Co dress this time of year.

A few that caught our eye from the shop are here, here and here.


Photo credit: Renewal Workshop



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