“Queen of Comfort” Taylor Jay on Entrepreneurship and Creating a Sustainable Fashion Line Merging Style and Wearability.

When it comes to business, being super comfortable can be a bad sign. But with fashion? Bring it on. For that, we have self-described Queen of Comfort Taylor Jay, an Oakland entrepreneur and designer who has built a brand intertwining ultra comfy womenswear with social justice, body positivity, responsible fair labor manufacturing and no small amount of grace and style. 

During this week’s show, she’ll walk us through how a 20-something with zero design training ended up with an eponymous brand of elegant clothes that look like they’d fit in at your chicest friend’s next socially distanced gathering as they would a Saturday afternoon sofa fest (what, a I the only one who has those).

With a loyal fan base in the midst of retail closures and fabric face masks recently spotted on San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s public rounds, this is an business that exemplifies FEST and what the Spirit of 608 podcast is all about in so many ways. 

Listen as she walks us through her career path, the early challenges that made her stronger and where she’s headed next. 

Meet this week’s guest, Taylor Jay, Founder of Taylor Jay.


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Connect with Taylor: 

Instagram: @shoptaylorjay

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taylorjaycollection/

Website: taylorjaycollection.com

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