Knowledge Drop: Putting Brand DNA Before Dollars with The Fashion Business Plan Author Bako Rambini

In this week’s episode, we have the first princess to grace the Spirit of 608 podcast – and the first guest with a finance background to tell us to stop and think about something more than numbers and money in order to build a brand that will attract enough of an audience to, you know, produce impressive numbers and money. Not sure how that works? Curious why this week’s guest says locating brand DNA matters even more with a fashion business than in other industries? Want to know how you get to be a princess in this day and age? It’s all coming up on this week’s show.

Meet this week’s guest, Bako Rambini, Author of The Fashion Business Plan.

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What you’ll learn

There’s nothing that speaks more to an audience than a brand’s authenticity. But does authenticity mean showing everything? Not necessarily. Take it from Bako: you don’t have to make every single aspect of your brand’s creation story or inspiration a part of the public message. Instead, this fashion business expert advises, you’re better off identifying which parts of the full story are likely to resonate with your audience the most. And that’s also a large part of why she encourages entrepreneurs to build a community before they launch a product. You’ll hear more on that in the full episode.

How you’ll be inspired

It’s easy to prioritize revenue, cost of customer acquisition, P&L and other crucial numbers as you make your biggest business decisions, but Bako says not so fast: nothing is more important than a brand’s DNA –  you know, that thing that makes a brand tick, its driving force, what makes it unique? Yeah, that. She believes in the importance of brand DNA so wholeheartedly that instead of drilling down on numbers, this financial industry veteran Bako starts the business planning process by focusing on a brand’s DNA long before looking at numbers. Next, she helps her clients build stories and ideas around the core DNA. The outcome? A cohesive brand identity that can support the numbers that come next.

What you’ll tell your friends

Have you ever met a princess from Madagascar? Now’s your chance. Well you will on this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast. Along with , Bako Rambini is a princess from Madagascar. Being a princess does come with its own challenges, especially when balancing cultural traditions with progressive ideas in the industry, as Bako shares in this episode.

Resource of the week

Asana: One of the most popular team management apps, Asana allows individuals and teams to map out projects and stay on top of what’s coming up next. Speaking of looking ahead, Bako doesn’t just have her weeks and months planned on Asana, but her entire year.

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