Protecting Your Creativity, Changing Fashion and Authoring a Better World with Katie Patrick of How to Save the World

Get ready, this week’s guest has probably one of the most intriguing careers in sustainability thought leadership imaginable. Not only is it full of creativity, it’s full of brains, combining behavioral psychology with gamification and analytic thinking to bring new techniques for creating change to entrepreneurs — including those in fashion. She’s not only  the author of the book How to Save the World, host of its sister-podcast, and a speaker on the critical role of creativity, optimisim, and imagination in the craft of social and environmental change, she is also an environmental engineer and software designer. We’re impressed that she’s combined her passion for the planet and engineering background to  design “Fitbit for the planet” apps that help social impact entrepreneurs and sustainability professionals implement powerful data, game design and behavior-change techniques that create real and measurable change. Her approach is designed to sharply tap into an audience’s motivational core. Listen in for her thoughts on social entrepreneurship and how she makes creating change a constant in her career. 

Meet this week’s guest, Katie Patrick, author of How To Save The World.

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What you need to know:

As an environmental engineer with 20 years experience (experience that includes creating one of the first high-profile eco fashion shows in Australia), Katie has spent decades working to push for more social change in apparel and well beyond. Along with advocating, playing the social change game by, well, bring her own game: her expertise lies in gamification techniques that can tap into our motivational core, pursuit of happiness and behavioral psychology to influence us in positive ways. That’s right, she can make saving the world into a game! Now, who wouldn’t want to unlock all those achievements, right? 


Katie Patrick

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