Practical Tips for Telling Your Story Without Fear, Stress or Angst

If we know stories have the power to connect us with others and inspire them to take positive actions they might not have otherwise, why do so many of us collide with fear, stress and angst at the very idea of sharing our own unique experiences? Through hundreds of conversations with women in business over the course of nearly two decades as a journalist-turned podcast host and media entrepreneur, I will tell you I’ve encountered women of all ages, career levels and walks of life who are hesitant to put their stories, missions and messages out into the world. At the same time, becoming a voice in a conversation that’s larger than you are is increasingly crucial to gaining visibility, strengthening a brand and reaching the right audiences in our noisy, frenetic digital world. The good news: telling your story doesn’t have to go hand-in-hand with fear, stress and angst. Based on a talk I just gave at the annual Quadruplicity women’s conference, this episode will explore practical strategies for finding the story you want to tell, starting to share it with the right audiences and bringing value to those who hear it.

Learn how to tell your story with calm confidence by listening to this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast with Lorraine Sanders. 

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What you’ll learn

You will walk away from this episode with actionable advice and tips for developing an empowered storytelling mindset and beginning to share your unique story by:
  • Overcoming fear, stress and angst associated with telling your story
  • Finding the right story to tell right now
  • Knowing your story’s unique worthiness
  • Creating talking points (and why they matter)
  • Becoming part of a conversation that’s larger than you

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