Practi-mental: pairing ultra pracital tips with deeper inquiry to fuel up your DIY PR, media outreach and brand visibility

Have you heard about practi-mental? Well, guess what! Probably not, because we’re creating that focus here on the Spirit of 608 podcast. In this week’s episode, here are four practical and four kinda-sorta woo-woo tips that will help you increase visibility, reach new people and get more earned media in your business.
Yes, sometimes you have to be completely practical. And at other times, being spiritually driven and totally mindset-focused is a must. But most of the times, for most of us, success rests in a careful balance of the two. I’m not going to go on and say I was being particularly balanced while recording this week’s show (because, early fall, so much happening omg), but I’m aiming to bring a little peace to your productivity.
In this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I’m knocking out four top practical tips and super woo woo tactics you can use to get more visibility and success.
Do you have your own strategies for securing awesome PR with success? If so, I’d love to hear about them. DM me on Instagram and let me know @spiritof608.
Learn how to stop sabotaging your PR and media and get visible instead by listening to this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast with Lorraine Sanders. 

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