18: Poshmark Co-Founder Tracy Sun on Entrepreneurship, Networking + the Early Pivot that Changed Everything

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Today’s source for F.E.S.T. info + inspo is Tracy Sun, co-founder of the peer-to-peer fashion resale platform Poshmark, a wildly popular social shopping app that now calls itself the largest community marketplace for fashion. But Poshmark wasn’t Tracy’s first adventure in fashion. She started out at Brooklyn Industries during the hip apparel retailer’s early days before leaving to launch her own startup aimed at helping budding designers get their creations to market. She followed that experience in entrepreneurship with a cross-country move to San Francisco, where she networked like a pro before meeting the team that would found Poshmark and turn it into what has become, for many of its users, not only a daily addiction but an avenue for small business building.

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Listen to the show for Tracy’s trajectory from Brooklyn-based retail to Silicon Valley startup that’s become a well-known source for both secondhand and new fashion with venture capital funding to the tune of $40.5M. Hear this female founder talk about what drew her to entrepreneurship, networking, why she took a leap and left NYC, and how Poshmark aims to differentiate itself from other fashion startups by empowering women to grow their own businesses through the platform.


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