Patience, Perseverance and the Surprising Reality of Shoemaking in China with Casey Kerrigan of OESH Shoes

On the debut episode of the newest season of the Spirit of 608 podcast, we’re back with an episode that may very well change everything you think you know about manufacturing in China. In this week’s conversation from the forefront of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST), we hear from a founder whose mission to make a better shoe for women’s bodies based on her decades of research has led her to establish both an eco-friendly manufacturing process in her U.S. warehouse, but also positive partnerships with factories in China, where some of the most innovative — and yes, even sustainable — technologies on the planet have recently become available. So put what you think you know aside and listen into this episode to open your mind and be inspired.

Meet this week’s guest, Casey Kerrigan, founder of Oesh Shoes.

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