News from FEST Friends: Rossi & Rei, Top Podcasts, Malia Designs + You Need a Better Headshot

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That thing we do: sharing news and giving props inside the Spirit of 608 Facebook group. But why stop there?

Here are a few recent media moments from our FEST friends to make your week instant bettah:

Rossi & Rei wants to connect you with the Italian artisans who actually make your bags. Bye, brand name fashion house. Hello, what the brand calls “human-to-human” luxury. Congrats to our pals (and PressDope members) on the team.

Speaking our language this week is photographer Ella Sophie, whose reminder that we all need a great headshot came at an especially poignant time for yours truly (i.e. basically within an hour of me cringing over my outdated pics in my media kit). Not only is it great to have just ’cause, it’s a must for doing effective DIY PR and media outreach.

GlobeIn co-founder Liza Moiseeva gives our ears so much good listening (and also makes our day) with a roundup of the 5 best podcast episodes for small business owners, entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Austin-based ethical fashion designer Dina Chavez has some screen time with television station KXAN to show off her sustainable style skills.

From Spirit of 608 Facebook group member Mary B., we learn about her recent mention in the Above the Bottom Line newsletter, which is a cool online resource that sends your inbox a weekly look at “how the world’s most influential companies are taking a stance on the issues you care about.”

And question: WTF is deadstock? Whether you know the answer or not (cue you in the background aggressively hand-raising, me! me! MEEE!), you’ll want to read Compassion Fashion’s take on this important ethical fashion question and how our FEST friends fit into the equation at Malia Designs, a company whose bags and accessories help those threatened by sex trafficking.

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