News from FEST Founders: DIY PR that Worked, Landing an Amazon Gift Guide + Hard-Won Wisdom for 2018

DIY PR works. I mean, not that we’re surprised but there’s this elated feeling that we get when FEST founders continue to prove that this sh*t works.

We know that you will all continue to impress us in 2018, and we can’t wait for what the New Year holds for all of you. But before we get there, let’s take a second to recognize some FEST-ive feats, facts and wisdom as 2017 comes to a close.

Alert! Alert! What have we been saying? Google Alerts work! Elisa Rossi of Rossi & Rei became aware of press for her luxury Italy-made apparel brand via a Google Alert. What a rewarding surprise to find coverage that she didn’t know was going to hit the web. Here’s the mention: Startups Go Old School With Retro, Artisanal Influences.

Oh, also … Elisa had yet more success with DIY methods. Through her use of networking and connections she keeps lines of communication alive from her tech days. Recently, she was featured in The Craftsman Newsletter, a popular newsletter that is curated by a former colleague. Check out the feature here: Rossi & Rei, a Global Marketplace for Custom Luxury.

Proving the power of roundups: The stylish backpack gurus we know as P.MAI (and you may remember from Spirit of 608 podcast EP 4) were featured in a gift guide that helped to boost sales in the final stretch of sales before the holidays. We must say, what an impactful way to ring in the New Year! Check out the gift guide here to see their mention on BuzzFeed: 13 Mind-Blowing Gifts From Amazon.

Let’s talk numbers, big numbers:

SilkRoll’s crowdfunding campaign hit over $38K, and the startup company was chosen to be emailed to a network of 40,000 investors on Monday. So much to celebrate.

GlobeIn was featured recently in Parade magazine, which it might surprise you to find out has circulation of a cool 20 million. Holy huge number. The print feature had a strong impact on increasing sales – proving the power of a large, interested audience of mainstream consumers. The digital coverage can be found here: Unique Christmas Gifts That Give Back

So we’re about to bid adieu to 2017, this much we know. But what about the stuff you don’t know – and still have to learn? To fuel your profesh dev for the year ahead, here’s some hard-won wisdom for 2018 from FEST founder, former Spirit of 608 podcast guest (EP 63) and Spirit of 608 Facebook group member Mary Going.

Mary shared this tough-advice in the Spirit of 608 Facebook group about her experience a former clothing company owner who closed her doors in 2016:

“Scrappy only works as a short-term solution. For a business to become truly sustainable it must have enough resources.”

While this may like obvious wisdom to wrap up and put a bow on 2017 with – it’s a truth that rarely makes it into conversations the media puts out for entrepreneurs – podcasts included. Very few founders are willing to share their real, unfiltered experiences with success and failure. Because of that, we think true, honest insight like Mary’s is often the best gift for a budding, established or even thriving entrepreneur to receive – and actually hear. We find that it helps to keep an eye on the foundation that keeps a business healthy. Because no matter how noble your cause or impressive your mission, if you’re not generating the revenue you need to keep the business running, you won’t have a business that can push your larger goals forward.

As we head into 2018, our wish for you is that you are able to keep an effective balance of mind, body and finances. This is something that we proudly emphasize for all of our FEST-founders because what’s more sustainable than that?



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