My Top Client PR Challenges: How to Stop Sabotaging Your PR + Get Visible

Are you unknowingly sabotaging your own PR and media efforts without even realizing it? Listen to this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast to find out.
During the August hiatus that we take every year to reorganize and improve what we’re doing behind the scenes with PressDope and the clients I work with one-on-one, I spoke with so many FEST founders hoping to amp up media outreach and gain visibility during this year’s super important Fall retail and shopping season.
And wouldn’t you know it, the very same challenges — and self-sabotaging habits — kept coming up again and again. After a month of talking to FEST founders and hearing the same things in conversation after conversation, I knew I needed to create an episode to help you stop doing the things that are going to hold you back, no matter how loud you shout when you’ve got news to share or how many journalists, bloggers and content producers you reach out to with your message.
In this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I’m knocking out the top client challenges that will sabotage your PR and visibility every single time so you stop doing them today and start getting the recognition you want.
Do you have your own strategies for securing awesome PR with success? If so, I’d love to hear about them. DM me on Instagram and let me know @spiritof608.
Learn how to stop sabotaging your PR and media and get visible instead by listening to this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast with Lorraine Sanders. 

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