Meet Peru’s First Repurposed Fashion Startup + Crucial Questions to Ask Before Sourcing Alpaca with Dana Vidal of Remodela Fashion Lab

What are you thankful for? This week’s episode features a guest I’m so thankful to have met and had the opportunity to work with this fall through the State Department’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative. As host entrepreneur taking part in the program this year, I was lucky enough to be paired with the very first female founder of a repurposed fashion startup in Peru. On this week’s show, we dive into her story, how she got to where she is today and key information any ethical brand should have before sourcing textiles and materials from her home country.

Meet this week’s guest, Dana Vidal, Founder of Remodela Fashion Lab.

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What you’ll learn

It’s not everyday we get a designer from Peru, so we decided to ask her what the sustainable fashion space looks like from her side of the world! Dana Vidal of Remodela Fashion Lab says that Peru is famous for its fabrics made from alpaca fur, however, there are issues behind this luxurious textile that rarely get discussed. Thanks to a harsh climate where alpaca thrive best and poor working conditions all around them, alpaca workers are faced with a tough and, very often, inhumane way of life. Dana explains why sustainable brands and ethical fashion entrepreneurs need to check out manufacturing partners carefully before using this high-end fabric.

How you’ll be inspired

Dana had one of the best deals anyone could ask for: a high-paying job, a fancy title, and career security. When she gave it all away, no one in her circle could fathom her reasoning. Dana, however, knew exactly what her why was, and she also knew that was chasing her passion for fashion and making a positive impact meant more than a corner office. Was it scary? Of course it was. But she took the leap to follow her startup dream all the same. Hear why and how she did it in this episode.

What you’ll tell your friends

While Dana knows for sure that her passion for the environment came from her mother, her love for fashion is something that popped up out of nowhere. When she was young, she could always remember wanting to pick up a pair of scissors and remake things. Dana says she’d often wonder, “Why should I wear the same skin like everyone else? So boring!” We’re definitely happy Dana was showing some FEST-y characteristics as a child and that she ended up choosing the route that she did!

Resource of the week

Shut it down: the best tech tool Dana can recommend? Well, it’s the least techie of them all: this startup founder says simple, close your computer. She swears by stepping away from the screen to stay organized and on the right track.

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