15: Maxine Bédat of Zady on The White House, Public Speaking & Smart Ways to Handle Crappy Fashion Facts


The biggest mall in America was the go to-shopping destination of her youth, but these days Maxine Bédat is busy building a company that combines back-to-farm sourcing with respect for artisans and skilled craftspeople and no small degree of style. As co-founder and CEO of Zady and the founder of the non-profit social enterprise The Bootstrap Project, Bédat has become a sought-after authority on sustainable style – as you’ll hear in our conversation, she visited the White House this year to talk about the future of manufacturing with companies many times the size of her own.

The funny-cool-real thing is, the mission is not the reason shoppers are scooping up the New York-based company’s linen t-shirts, sweaters and curated collection of clothing from ethical brands. They’re coming for the polished, yet laid back style of the clothes, many of which are basics that somehow seem incredibly current and classic at the same time.

Hear Maxine talk about how she came to c0-found Zady after starting out her career not in fashion, but in the legal world as part of the Rwanda Criminal Tribunal, as well as her thoughts about the importance of aesthetics and style in creating successful sustainable brands.

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Listen to the show for her graceful answer to a question I had all wrong, her company’s deft handling of truly crappy facts about fashion and some killer tips for getting game-ready before your next super intimidating public speaking opp.


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