Marci Zaroff on Pioneering EcoFashion, Building a Greenhouse of Brands and Everything Mindset

We’re thrilled to have the woman who coined the term EcoFashion on the show this week letting us in on how she built her empire of eco-minded brands, which range from a sustainable line Farm to Home to women’s apparel label Yes And to businesses in manufacturing and consulting. Oh and she’s also an author, as well as a frequent speaker at high-profile industry events and a thought leader in the sustainability movement. 

Listen to this week’s show for her journey from the early days of her first business as an ahead-of-her-time innovator in the health and wellness space to today, when she’s primed to push responsible textiles even further into the mainstream with the introduction of a new product offering for the QVC audience.

If you’re a big believer in how much mindset matters like I am, you’ll revel in her words of wisdom that appear through this motivating and inspiring conversation.

Meet this week’s guest, Marci Zaroff, Founder and CEO of EcoFashion Corp.


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Instagram: @marcizaroff


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