How Karla Mora Launched Sustainable Fashion’s New Eileen Fisher-Backed Venture Fund to Fuel the Future of Fashion

What is the future of sustainable fashion? Ask this week’s guest, and she’s likely to tell you it’s about a lot more than consciously-made clothes. In fact, as the founder of a new venture fund backed by none other than Eileen Fisher herself, the FEST-ive voice we’ll be hearing in this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast is quick to explain how – and why – innovations that go beyond what’s hanging on the racks are the drivers of change she and the fund she started earlier this year are focused on.

Meet this week’s guest, Karla Mora, Founder of Alante Capital.

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What you’ll learn

What does an investment firm like Alante Capital look for in an entrepreneur? For one, commitment. No only is Karla focused on an entrepreneur’s staying power, she’s also looking for those well-honed listening skills. Why? Listening to criticism is a lot like listening to market feedback, says Karla, and how you handle it can determine whether or not your business can succeed. In this episode, Karla talks about the skills and traits she looks for in every entrepreneur.

How you’ll be inspired

Spending some time in a different place can often help you clear your mind and give you a clean slate to solve new problems. Listen to Karla explain how her journey to Costa Rica, where she lived a year, allowed her to escape the noise of the big city and let her think incubate what became Alante Capital.

What you’ll tell your friends

Okay, this might shock you, especially how obsessed with slow fashion I am, but maybe we need to stop categorically hating big name brands. After all, they’re likely to be the ones who are able to create real systemic change in the apparel industry by shifting to more sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious practices. Yeah, I know, I thought we were supposed to totally boycott anything but small, independent companies, but Karla’s perspective shows just why biggest ball of all in the fashion industry may very well still be in the court of the likes of Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Gucci and similarly established brands.

Resource of the week

Karla likes to keep her apps simple: GChat for easier communication, Boomerang to make sure she’s on top of her emails, and Grammarly to make sure her grammar is on point when she does get to those emails. This girl’s got her priorities in the right place!

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