14: Jordan Reid on Blogging, Books, Startup Collaborations & Cross-Country Moves with Kids


There’s so much to learn from successful bloggers far and beyond their styling tips and perfect poses. In fact, the ones who turn blogging into a career are gold mines for entrepreneurial inspiration and practical takeaways. Jordan Reid, the blogger and lifestyle expert behind Ramshackle Glam, is no exception. From not knowing what a hyperlink was in 2007 to now, Jordan’s grown her site into a successful business that includes the new ecommerce shop Glam Camp, frequent collaborations with brands (the latest of which is startup Thumbtack) and books that put a frank, but fun lens on motherhood and style.

With her second book due out in January and a recent cross-country move from New York to the Bay Area under her very stylish belt, Jordan’s a woman to look to for how to build a new career after the one you thought you were going to pursue totally implodes (her words, not mine!), as well as how to keep it all going when the newness of motherhood starts throwing curve balls your way.



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Listen to the show for Jordan’s leap into the unknown by leaving a solid, paying job for blogging, as well as her thoughts working with brands and her favorite app for Instagram perfection.


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Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having it All

Glam Camp


Jordan’s acting past + “implosion”

How to Light a Room Infographic from the blog


Sushi Zone


Jordan’s Instagram tips

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