Insta-Network this Month With The Eco Fashion Instagram Challenge

Looking for Instagram post #inspo and instant Insta-networking with other ethical fashion fans and followers? Then you need to know about the new eco fashion photo challenge starting up this week.

Hosted by Portland-based Vivid Element and San Diego knitwear brand Inca Colors, the Eco Fashion Challenge is an Instagram photo challenge celebrating an eco-conscious and mindful approach to the way apparel comes into your life and how it leaves it. With Fashion Revolution Week and Earth Day celebrations taking place across the globe this month, it’s a great time not only to run a challenge like this, not to mention get involved, help raise awareness around more ethical fashion practices and connect with others who want to see changes to how our clothes are made, bought, sold and disposed of. 

How it works

Like other Instagram challenges you’ve done in the past, this month-long event gives you one prompt each day.  Take a look at the official list below, and you’ll see that prompts range from style-minded to broader themes such as “long-lasting,” “throwback” and good eco-aware books.

Post a pic inspired by each prompt to participate, and be sure to use the hashtag #ecofashionchallenge so others see your contribution.

The prompts are meant to be thought provoking, reminding participants to think about the origins of their apparel. The challenge will also allow users to engage with one another through a visual network of photos on Instagram.

How to participate

1. Post one pic each day that ties into the prompt for that day

2. Be sure to include #ecofashionchallenge in the comments section of your post so others participating in the challenge can find you when they search the official challenge hashtag

3. To get the most networking impact from the challenge, you’ll need to not only post each day, but also pay attention to what others are posting by searching for the official challenge hashtag in Instagram. Like, comment and follow others in the challenge to start building new bonds around ethical and sustainable fashion.

Last but not least, no need to fret if you’re not a sustainability buff or eco-perfect. We hear from Vivid Element founder Amy and Inca Colors’ Nicole that the challenge aims to promote inclusivity and introduce new members to a community focused on sustainability and ethical fashion.

Looking for more connection with badass businesses at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech? You’ll find both Amy and Nicole, as well as a number of eco fashion challenge participants, hanging out inside the Spirit of 608 Facebook Group. Want in? Request to join here.

Image: Eliza Eliza UK



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