How Vrai & Oro’s Vanessa Stofenmacher Turned a Small Seed Investment into L.A.’s Source for Stylish Ethical Diamonds Grown by the Sun


This week, listen in for a conversation about starting off small, only to end up making big change thanks to some very little things. And sparkle. Lots of drool-worthy, dreamy, sparkly goodness. The LA-based ecommerce startup entrepreneur at the heart of this episode is changing the way jewelry — and diamonds, in particular — make their way into consumers’ hands. And it goes beyond the business model. Thanks to this company’s partnership with a Silicon Valley diamond tech innovator, the gems sold here are made ethically using solar technology. All of it signals a brighter future ahead for stones that have long been associated with harmful environmental effects and labor practices. For you, it could also mean a sparkly BFF on your finger that you can feel good about, pay less than traditional industry prices for and wear knowing you’re supporting a woman-owned business to boot.

Meet this week’s guest, Vanessa Stofenmacher, Founder of Vrai & Oro.

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What you need to know:

Vanessa Stofenmacher founded Vrai & Oro in 2014 with the desire to bring transparency to a very traditional jewelry industry by bringing essential designs with a thoughtful touch directly to her customers through ethical practices and honest pricing. After two years in the business and her eye set on creating engagement rings for the modern couple, she discovered an even larger issue at hand– the lack of traceability within the diamond trade. Because of this she partnered with Diamond Foundry, a tech company that creates above-ground diamonds using solar technology, to combine forces and help change both industries for the better. With a background in branding & design, Vanessa is on a mission to connect women through fine jewelry and empower an inclusive and more sustainable future.


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