How to Use A Magazine’s Editorial Calendar to Plan Your Next PR Pitch (Plus, Two More Ways to Take Action And Get More Press Right Now)

Getting more press coverage and media attention is a long game – and that can frustrate the hell out of a busy entrepreneur who’s dying to make things happen, like, today. So what can you do to push your DIY PR and media outreach strategy forward right now? In today’s episode, we dive into three things you can do this week to take action and get more press coverage, capture media attention, increase visibility and amplify brand awareness.

This week’s solo episode will push your DIY PR to the next level. 

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What you’ll learn

You’ll walk away from this episode with three actionable tasks you can do today or this week to take action on your DIY PR and media outreach strategy, including how to use an editorial calendar to start planning your next pitch to print media, how to approach your next pitch for a digital publication and how to make the press you’ve gotten in the past continue to work for you. 

How you’ll be inspired

Doing your own PR can often feel like hand-fishing in the dark (which may or may not actually be a thing). But with the right information and guidance, you can use industry insider tricks to increase your chances of launching a pitch that hits the mark and lands you valuable media coverage. We’ll walk through finding and using an editorial calendar to pitch more strategically, as well as clever ways to approach your next pitch to digital media outlets and what to do with the press you’ve already gotten so it continues to work hard for you in the future.  

What you’ll tell your friends

Oh hey, remember how you said you wanted more press coverage, but were totally stumped about what to do next? Listen to this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast because the host, a longtime fashion journalists, gives advice on actionable things you can do right now to start getting featured and interviewed in the future.

Resource of the week

Editorial calendars: Most print publications create these old school documents for potential advertisers and sponsors, but they just so happen to list everything the magazine is planning to publish in the coming year — sometimes even down to the names of upcoming feature stories. Know how to find these documents and what to do with them can make the difference between a pitch that get deleted and one that gets journalists’ and editors’ attention. 

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