How to Tell A Complicated Story & DIY PR When You’re Building A Not So New Business With Eve Rowsell of Rewanted Bags

In a Media Strategy Session episode on the podcast this week, we hear from FEST founder Eve Rowsell, who turns leather jackets into luxe, one-of-a-kind handmade bags from her Nova Scotia studio. But after years of running the business largely as a side project while juggling a time-consuming small business in her hometown and a number of complicated events in her personal life, Eve is ready to let more people know about her line, Rewanted Bags. What’s more, she’s willing to put in the work to get the word out about her business. Still, with all the hats to wear as a solopreneur, designer, mom and member of her tight-knit community, it’s difficult to choose where to focus, especially when her story is far from cut and dry. That’s where this conversation comes in. In the last interview episode of the year, Eve and I dive into her story, how she got to where she is today and take a look at the key steps she can take action on right now to get her DIY PR and media outreach strategy on the right track for 2019.

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What you’ll learn

Repurposing leather jackets might sound like an easier design endeavor than making a handbag from scratch. In fact, it’s way more challenging. Take it from Eve. On the show this week, she breaks down the tricky process of turning thrifted jackets into bags, especially when the jackets have varied shapes and more than a little visible history, from minor blemishes to outright tears. Find out how she handles the challenges and how they  affect her media outreach on the episode.

How you’ll be inspired

Have you had a personal or family crisis land in your world right as you’re trying to build a business? Eve has. And more than one. As she shares in this episode, her business struggles have almost run parallel to the challenges she’s had in her personal and family life. Find out how Eve was able to pull through and push forward despite all that’s come her way in this week’s episode.

Resource of the week

Ethical Writers and Creatives: Eve highly recommends this collective the next time you’re looking for FEST-friendly content creators, writers, podcasters, bloggers and other creatives to pitch, partner with, sponsor or maybe just draw inspiration from.

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