How to Market Through the Mayhem (Part II): These Ethical Brands Making It Work Right Now Will Inspire + Motivate You

Welcome to the second show in the Spirit of 608 sharing + support series. For this episode, we asked FEST brands and businesses to submit messages, news, promos and deals so we could help share and support what they’re working on at a time when, more than ever, small businesses need support and those of us seeking to stay visible and market during the mayhem need inspiration.

Listen to the podcast for proof it’s possible to keep moving forward as a small business right now. Let the ideas and messages from other FEST founders inspire you to take action, connect with your customers and stay motivated. We hope that hearing how are others are dealing right now will help you pick up a few fresh ideas — and at the same time find a business you want to support or a deal you want to take advantage of (I know I found several).

There are surprisingly creative approaches, as well as tried-and-true marketing tactics. You’ll learn that not everything costs as much as you thought it might thanks to some recently-announced promotions from brands that sell FEST products and services. At at the same time, you’ll also discover that it’s not always necessary to offer a discount or a deal. There are other ways to generate interest and connection and other ways to inspire people to purchase. There are examples of each in the show, as well as a number of uplifting messages from other founders who know exactly what it’s like to be where you are right now. 

We’ll also be sharing the deals and offers on Instagram this week and next. Visit us there for more — and visuals to go with the brands’ messages on the show. 

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Malia Designs

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The Fashion Business Coach


Purse & Clutch

Vivid Element

Opaline Hue

LIYA Collective

Green Story

Part two:

Earth Warrior:

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Earth Rewards

Vedalia Living Inc. 




Be Kind Vibes

Recreative Apparel






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