How SixChel’s Dina Chavez landed a print feature story read by 3.6M+

Last week in the PressDope email I send out every Thursday featuring The Dope List, I talked about shedding a tear. This episode is all about why. Such a great story! Happy ending! After months of carefully, consistently building her media strategy, connecting in the right communities and being a part of a conversation that’s bigger than her brand, the PressDope member and FEST founder on the show this week landed a two-page feature story in the April issue of First for Women. Boasting a circulation of 3.6 million, this is a publication you can find in practically every grocery store, airport book shop and newsstand across the country. Let me say that again: 3.6 million! I’m excited. And not just because this female business owner got print media coverage with a DIY PR strategy. It’s the kind of coverage she got. Look closely, and you’ll see that this isn’t a story about her brand. It’s about her. It’s about her story as a woman looking for a better, healthier lifestyle. But here’s the thing: it establishes her as an expert in a way that totally and completely complements, supports and lavishes credibility on her business. It’s like the holy grail of media hits: huge circulation, incredibly authentic and 100% on brand. Cue me needing to go lie down because I’m so excited I might start hyper-ventilating. Okay, so if you’re like me, after congratulating Dina, you’re like, tell me ev-uh-ry-thing: how it happened, what you did to land the story, the behind-the-scenes details, what the photo shoot was like, everything. I’m excited to bring the whole behind-the-scenes story to the Spirit of 608 podcast this week. 

Meet this week’s guest, Dina Chavez, founder of SixChel.

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