How Inexperience and Limitation Led to Innovation and Focus for Hannah Davis of Ethical Footwear Biz Bangs Shoes

It’s easy to hesitate when you’re fresh to an industry and just starting out. But this week’s guest is living proof that inexperience can bring new approaches to old problems. Building on the counterintuitive gems in this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, the show today highlights the wisdom – and practical upside – of staying ultra-focused. In a day and age where it’s easier than ever for small brands to diversify their offerings, you’ll hear one female founder who has worked hard to keep her brand’s inventory incredibly streamlined even in the face of seemingly obvious expansion opportunities. In the conversation up ahead, hear how she created an ethical footwear brand with an Instagram fan base of 171K+ without any industry experience and continues to grow steadily from her Austin, TX home base.

Meet this week’s guest, Hannah Davis, Founder of Bangs Shoes.

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What you’ll learn

Once upon a time, Austin entrepreneur Hannah Davis identified herself as anti-business. She thought starting a business meant giving up on social justice and environmental impact. In ethical fashion good news, she shifted her thinking as her fledging footwear brand continued to grow. Today the shoe brand is a favorite among traveling millennials for its easy shapes, comfortable fit and mission to support entrepreneurs around the world by investing 20 percent of net profits with micro-lending partner 

How you’ll be inspired

A lot of entrepreneurs with tony industry backgrounds come on the show, but Hannah says a lack of experience can lead to new and surprising solutions. 

Resource of the Week

ZapierLike the Spirit of 608, Bangs Shoes gets more done with automations on Zapier. Hannah says she is amazed she can do ten jobs at once with just this one app.




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