How Ethical Lifestyle Influencer Molly Stillman Created Her Most Profitable Year Ever – In the Midst of Personal Tragedy

How can entrepreneurs thrive in the midst of personal or professional upheaval? It’s a question that’s been on my mind over the last year, and it comes into this week’s episode in a major way. On the show, you’ll hear how one well-known ethical fashion influencer with a popular lifestyle blog and business podcast not only survived a series of person tragedies last year, but managed to thrive in spite of them, thanks in large part to the solid systems and processes she had set up in her business beforehand.

Meet this week’s guest, Molly Stillman, Founder of Still Being Molly and the Business with Purpose podcast.

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What you’ll learn

Working with influencers can be one of the most effective ways for emerging brands to reach new audiences, but developing meaningful partnerships can be tough on both sides. In this episode, we look at Molly’s approach to working with ethical, sustainable and socially-responsible brands — you’ll find out what works best for her brand partners, how to work with her and other bloggers and why long-term collaborations trump one-off sponsorships and ads every time.

How you’ll be inspired

2018 was one of Molly’s most difficult years. Other than ups and downs in her business, she suffered back-to-back tragedies that deeply affected her ability to work for months on end. However, as Molly shares, 2018 was the most profitable year for her business — ever. How did that happen? In this episode, Molly shares her tips on keeping your business going, even when you feel like you can’t.

What you’ll tell your friends

I was listening to the Spirit of 608 podcast this week, and I absolutely cannot believe how Molly made it through one of the most difficult seasons of her life while also managing to have her most profitable year in business ever. I have so much respect for this girl and her resilience. Plus, her tips for brands that want to work with ethical fashion and lifestyle bloggers are golden.

Resource of the week

Cladwell: If you’ve seen the 90’s movie Clueless and always wanted Cher’s interactive closet, there is indeed an app for that — and Molly loves it. Cladwell mixes and matches clothes from your wardrobe based on styles you like. Molly absolutely loves it!

Connect with Molly

Website: Still Being Molly

Podcast: Business with Purpose


Instagram: @stillbeingmolly

Twitter: @stillbeingmolly

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