How A Positive Mindset + Patents Are Building This Sustainable Beauty Brand with Kate Westad of Palette by Pak

Sometimes real life experiences are the best sources of inspiration. That’s more than the case for this week’s guest, a FEST founder you’re going to love equally for her innovative, sustainable beauty product and her positive, glass-half-full attitude toward entrepreneurship.

On this week’s episode, she’ll walk us through her journey, from the late night she spent exhausted and packing before an international trip that sparked the idea for her signature product line to the unexpected tragedy that still fuels this mother of four’s embrace of joy, optimism and connection to this day.

Plus, she shares her reasons for putting intellectual property and a patent at the top of her early business to-do list (speaking of which, she also loves lists), as well as her dedication to pursuing more sustainable materials and an eco-positive production even when industry experts and insiders told her it was crazy. We also talk about the tools, tips and female founders she wants you to know so you can get inspired to do something great in your business today.

Meet this week’s guest, Kate Westad, Founder of Palette by Pak.

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