Here’s FEST-ive Packing Inspo for Your Next Getaway

Ain’t travel grand? Ask us, and the only painful part is packing. With the sunny summer months just around the corner, vacation plans and travel itineraries are looming large in our world right about now – as well as work travel (next stop for Spirit of 608: Las Vegas for Microconf – and you can follow along on Instagram if you’re curious).

But pack to our packing woes. When traveling light is a weighty issue in your world, it’s time to call in an expert. Luckily, we have Verena Erin Polowy from My Green Closet to show us how to neatly and efficiently pack everything a girl needs on a trip – without having to bring five bags. With Erin’s capsule wardrobe wisdom, you can fit everything you need, from tops that you can mix and match to the makeup essentials you need while on vacay, in just one suitcase and one handbag.

No really. It can happen.

Verena’s Light Packing Must-Have’s:

  • Something for the cold weather: a jacket, a coat, a sweater, whatever will be keeping you warm. Don’t forget to pack it in the very bottom of your suit case.
  • Bottoms: just a couple of your favorite or most comfortable pants will do since you can mix and match with your tops.
  • Tops: pack one for each day on your trip and you’re done.
  • Socks: take about 2 or 3 pairs, depending on where you’re going and for how long.
  • Essentials: undies and other daily have-to-haves go on top of the rest of your clothes
  • Shoes: a good pair of shoes can go in a separate pocket in your suitcase or a shoe bag
  • Accessories: save another compartment for a scarf, necklaces, and maybe a foldable hat
  • Bathroom essentials: Erin suggests setting aside a small bag just for these.
  • Makeup: bring a few brushes and the 3-4 cosmetic items that you can’t imagine your trip without
  • Miscellaneous: now that you’re packing ultra light, you have room for a few more things, maybe a hair straightener, an extra tote bag, or a reusable tumbler.
  • Handbag/backpack: everything that needs to be easily accessed goes in here. Think laptop, shades, medicines, chargers and gadgets, a notebook and a pen.

Still think you really need about 14 sets of clothes for that week-long trip? Watch the video to find out how Erin mixed and matched her lightly packed wardrobe for an 8-day trip to Portugal!

Want to know more about Erin and her journey building My Green Closet into a sustainable style authority and business? Check her out on the Spirit of 608 podcast in episode 137.

Images and video courtesy of My Green Closet



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