Growing Facebook Groups for Social Enterprise Brands with Scaling Good’s Liza Moiseeva

With Facebook Groups dominating online biz dev these days, especially when it comes to women building direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands and selling creative services, who better to talk to than a FEST founder who’s grown a thriving community on the platform (one that actually runs itself, nbd) and is now branching out to help social enterprise brands up their marketing game? Listen to this week’s show to hear why this week’s guest is branching out from her co-founder role at a well-known Fair Trade subscription box company and marketplace to launch a new Facebook Group community aimed at delivering current, tried-and-true marketing strategy advice to entrepreneurs building ethical, sustainable and mission-driven companies.

Meet this week’s guest, Liza Moiseeva, Founder of Scaling Good.

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What you need to know:

Meet Liza Moiseeva, founder of Scaling Good, a resource for ethical business founders and entrepreneurs to get an edge on their marketing and sales. Her goal is helping other ethical brand founders to grow their businesses and social impact. If Liza’s name sounds familiar, especially to those in the so608 community, it’s because Liza is also a co-founder of GlobeIn, the leading social enterprise subscription box company which grew from $0 to $6 million over the past 5 years. In her experience, one-on-one calls with entrepreneurs have been much more helpful than hiring marketing agencies, so she started Scaling Good to bring that to founders in her network and beyond. We talk to her about her mission, her reasons for doing this and also some Facebook Groups advice for beginners.


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Instagram: @scalinggood

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