My Green Closet Vlogger Verena Erin Polowy on Working with Ethical Fashion Influencers the Right Way

How can brands work with ethical fashion influencers? This week, we have insight and advice from a YouTube vlogger and blogger who’s grown an enthusiastic following with her sunny, approachable style and spot-on tips for capsule wardrobes, slow fashion and conscious shopping. With her easygoing attitude and streamlined approach to style, you might mistakenly think this week’s guest just breezes through her business. But behind-the-scenes, this sustainable fashion influencer is hard at work filming content, monetizing her platform, collaborating and partnering with brands and growing her audience. Even better, she’s coming onto the show to share her story and how FEST founders can tweak their “ask” in order to build stronger relationships with fashion bloggers, vloggers and content creators who can help spread the word about their brands.

Meet this week’s guest, Verena Erin Polowy, Founder of My Green Closet.

What you’ll learn

If any of you aspiring content creators think that becoming an influencer is as easy as setting up a YouTube channel with a few vlogs, Verena Erin is here to set the record straight. While it might look easy breezy glamorous on the outside, there’s serious work that goes into the job. Erin tells the whole story, including how she monetizes her channel and how she works with brands.

How you’ll be inspired

Online influencers are often pigeon-holed as self-serving purveyors of fluffy social media content, but listen to Erin’s path and how she runs her business, and you’ll be inspired by how much freaking work goes into the beautiful videos and smart slow fashion tips she shares each week. Another thing that will color you impressed: Erin won’t work with just any brand, no matter what kind of money is on the table. In this week’s episode, hear her talk about how she chooses the brands that she works with – and why brands that try too hard to impress her often end up falling flat.

What you’ll tell your friends

Oh man, I thought I was reaching out to influencers the right way, but then I heard Erin of MyGreenCloset, and I’m going to do it differently the next time. First of all, Erin says you can’t expect to offer product to an influencer and expecting them to review it just because they’re getting something for free. One idea she had for getting them interested: make your offer more collaborative and propose something that’s as interesting and fun for the influencer as it is for you. Like what? You’ll have to listen to this week’s episode.

Resource of the week

Creative Market: If you’re a startup brand looking to DIY part of your graphic design, here’s your lifesaver. Creative Market is a website where independent designers sell fonts, graphics, templates, designs for just about anything digital.

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