How A Goth Girl Became the Go-To Bespoke Stage Wear Designer for Heavy Metal Rockers and Pro Wrestlers with Kim Dylla of Kylla Custom Rock Wear

In the final Spirit of 608 podcast episode before the August break, get ready for a conversation that rocks. Seriously. This week’s guest is not only a FEST founder who relies on upcycling thrifted garments for the one-of-a-kind garments she creates. She’s also the designer behind the eye-catching, other worldly bespoke stage wear you’ll spot on some of the most loved heavy metal musicians and professional wrestlers out there today. Know nothing about either of these global subcultures? No problem. This week’s guest has experienced the same challenges so many founders face and is not afraid to talk about them: from balancing art and business to learning how to manage employees and taking steps to scale.

Meet this week’s guest, Kim Dylla, Founder of Kylla Custom Rock Wear.

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What you’ll learn

First, heavy metal is alive and well. Second, there’s a very FEST-ive female entrepreneur who’s behind the stage wear donned by some of the scene’s top music acts and performers. To get to where she is today, supporting herself through her bespoke clothing company Kylla Custom Rockwear, Kim has some golden advice for other female founders listening to this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast: it pays to know your market inside and out. A metal fan and performer in her own right, Kim found her first customers after the stage wear she made for herself turned into requests from others. Fast forward to now, and she’s the go-to creator for her signature brand of apocalyptic, war-torn denim and leather that can stand up to the demands of the stage. With customers in over 52 countries and apparel worn by the likes of Journey, Alice Cooper, and Machine Head, Kim didn’t just stick to the metal niche. When pro wrestlers reached out with gear needs of their own, Kim jumped into ring to create for them as well. You’ll see her work on the backs of pro-wrestlers such as Randy Orton and Braun Strowman, among many others.

How you’ll be inspired

Kim’s can-do, independent, hands-on approach to building her business is the exact kind of inspirational fuel that so many FEST founders crave as they work hard to sustain and grow their brands. Listen to this week’s episode, and you’ll hear how Kim sews using old school machines hunted down at thrift shops, combs secondhand stores for cast-off denim and leather goods she can repurpose into custom clothing and keeps a constant finger on the pulse of her own business. From creating garments to navigating tricky customer service problems, she’s touching every part of her business – even when she’s hauling her sewing machines on tour with musicians to make instant repairs backstage. 

What you’ll tell your friends

How long have you been waiting to hear a successful entrepreneur tell you it’s okay to sleep in? I was listening to the Spirit of 608 podcast, and Kim’s proof that you don’t necessarily have to have one of those chipper 5 a.m. morning routines to build a growing business. What’s far more important is setting up work life so it actually works for you and your lifestyle. On the show, Kim says, “Figure out the way you want to live your life and take your business and structure it around that.” For her, that means eschewing the nine to five for afternoon and evening work hours that better harness her productivity and accommodate her night owl tendencies and later mornings. Sneak listen above and more on the show. 

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List:DailyChecklist: So you love a to-do list? Kim’s resource of the week not only allows you to track your tasks, but also adds a layer of accountability by monitoring and grading you on productivity each week.

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This episode brought to you with the generous support of badass FEST biz Lyst, where you can search from over 12,000 brands and stores to find what’s perfectly right for you.


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