Giving Back: Now You Can Shop to Support the ACLU

As the American Civil Liberties Union rushed to the defense of travelers affected by U.S. travel bans put into effect over the weekend, donations poured into the organization known for defending the rights and freedoms afforded us by law and Constitution.

With the organization reportedly amassing more than $24M in little more than 48 hours from online donors (which the New York Times reports is 7x its 2015 donations), it’s no surprise that this humanitarian organization has become front of mind for many Americans in an entirely new and powerful way.

Also not surprising? That independent brands – many of them FEST-ive players working daily to bring innovation and a new layer of ethics to the fashion industry – are finding ways to support ACLU operations through promotional products and sales.

Among them is Minnesota-based Hazel & Rose, an ethical retail and online shop stocking a slew of streamlined, contemporary pieces from brands owner Emma Olson has carefully picked for reasons that don’t stop with style. As you scope items from cult favorite labels such as Wray, Fortress of Inca, Arcana, Veja and Groceries Apparel, you’ll also find product notes that are careful to mention important notes about materials, manufacturing and other details that help shoppers understand the origins of what they’re about to buy. Now through the end of the week, Olson has pledged to donate 10 percent of sales to the ACLU. Add that to the shop’s winter sale, where many items are up to 50 percent off, and you’ve got a deal that means much more than a discount.

Looking for more brands whose merch benefits the ACLU? Check out this recent roundup over at Bustle of 10 brands giving back to the ACLU, as well the ACLU shop itself.

One last thing you can do? Maybe consider trading your Uber for a Lyft.

Photo credits: Arcana Magician Fringe Sweater at Hazel & Rose



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