Getting Real on Starting Up, Figuring it Out on the Fly and Finding Mentors with Organic Baby Brand Founder Monica Royer Monica + Andy

Where do you find great mentors? Heck, where do you even find a basically-okay-most-of-the-time mentor? It helps to be the founder of one of the most talked-about baby brands around, one with a thriving fan base that not only scoops up its organic apparel and layette sets, but also comes to hang out with the company and connect with other moms in person through retail Guideshops that double as hubs for community events. Wait a second, you’re probably now saying…Guideshops…where have I heard that before. If you listen the Spirit of 608 on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you – click – are now going, uh, they stole the name Bonobos gave its retail locations. But there’s no hard feelings. Yup, this week’s guest is the sister of that well-known brand’s founder, Andy Dunn. Just don’t let that muddle your impression of this badass boss: she’s using her own experience and her years helping her brother build his company to expand her own vertically-integrated business – and being really down-to-earth about it in the process. But back to that whole mentorship thing: because Monica knows how much mentorship matters and has an arsenal of amazing advisors helping her succeed, she’s taken her own conversations with people you’ll admire and turned them into a mentorship podcast you will no doubt want to check out (after listening to this episode, of course).

Meet this week’s guest, Monica Royer, CEO of Monica + Andy.

What you’ll learn

That at least honesty still matters in our world (cough). Listen to the show to hear why intellectual honesty, specifically, is something Monica believes is paramount to becoming not just an entrepreneur, but being a great CEO. Instead of sugar-coating challenges until it’s too late, you’ll hear this founder talk about the importance of being straightforward about what’s going well for the business and what isn’t working – no matter how uncomfortable it feels at the time. Find out how Monica pulls this off to keep her team strong and engaged.

How you’ll be inspired

Daily frustrations are, well, super frustrating, but they can be an entrepreneur’s biggest asset. They certainly were for Monica. After struggling to find the kind of community, classes and apparel options she wanted when she became a new mom, she created her own solution – one that’s still growing today and offers not only organic babywear, but also a variety of events and ways to bring new moms together in their communities via the company’s Guideshops.

What you’ll tell your friends

So, if you’ve felt like you don’t know what you’re doing this week, seriously don’t sweat it. I heard Monica swear that at Monica + Andy, there are zero experts. She even said she’s never hired anyone who knew exactly what they were doing, LOL, but instead, she finds people who are ready and eager to learn. Listen to the show to find out how Monica + Andy’s team was founded on this philosophy through the experience of the biggest non-expert of all – Monica herself – and why it all just works.

Resource of the week

Of course, as the creator of The Mentor Files, Monica would recommend this: a mentor. With someone to help you out and give you advice should you need it, you’ll be able to get a better view of where to take your business, a bigger picture of what you’re doing, and of what you can do.

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