How to Get More Press And Media Attention Before, During And After Your Next Event

Not sure if you noticed, but it’s that time of year: events are upon us! If you’re a FEST founder, female entrepreneur or ethical fashion business, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re either hosting, attending or participating in a FEST-ive event sometime soon. From pop-up shops to multi-vendor marketplaces to holiday shopping events and industry panels, brands today have never faced more opportunity – or challenges – around pulling off the perfect event. Before you head into your next event, I wanted to create an episode telling you everything you need to know to get more press and media coverage before, during and after the next happening you’re planning for your fashion, retail or ecommerce business. We’ll be back next week with another regular interview episode with a woman at the forefront of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST).


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What you’ll learn

You’ll learn the three key things you need to know before planning any event, and why they are crucial to your future chances of getting media coverage for your ethical business, sustainable brand or fashion startup.

How you’ll be inspired

It’s good to be in good company, right? If there’s anything that’s on-trend for ethical, sustainable and startup fashion businesses today, it’s collaboration. Events are fast becoming the perfect – and necessary – counterparts to digital marketing. That means plenty of chances for you to get in there and get the word out about all the good things you have to share with world. 

What you’ll tell your friends

OMG, I was listening to the Spirit of 608 podcast today, and I got a deep dive into everything I needed to know before beginning to plan my next pop-up shop, holiday marketplace or social media influencer event. Lorraine walked me through what I needed to think about during the planning phase, how to pitch the event and key things to keep in mind while I was promoting the event, during it and in the follow-up phase with the media. 

Resource of the week

PressDope Yes, you can totally DIY your own PR and media outreach. Just listen to the Spirit of 608 podcast, and you’ll get many tips and pointers on how to do so. When you’re looking for support, you can turn to PressDope, the DIY PR solution for ethical fashion brands and businesses. 


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