From Small, Sustainable, Zero Waste Style in Dallas to Bravo’s Project Runway with Lela Orr of Ferrah

If you’ve ever let who you think you are hold you back, then this week’s episode is for you (stop doing that by the way). For example, say you’re an introvert in Dallas building a small, luxury sustainable fashion brand with zero waste design principles. You might assume, like this week’s guest did, that you’re not the kind of person who should go on TV at all, much less a hit reality show like Bravo’s Project Runway. But if you did that, well, you might be absolutely wrong. Take it from Lela Orr, who was quietly growing her brand Ferrah from her Texas home base and, for years, balked whens friends told her to try out for the show. A self-described chill girl with a no-drama attitude, she thought producers would pass on her application — but she eventually decided to try out. And wouldn’t you know it, turns out she fit right into the show and found an excellent new platform for her growing brand and its ethical values.

Meet this week’s guest, Lela Orr, Founder of Ferrah.

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What you need to know:

Ferrah is a Dallas-based 360-atelier and eco-luxury brand. Lela is the founder and creative director of the Ferrah brand. In 2019, Lela competed on season 17 of Bravo’s Project Runway where she created high-fashion with a low carbon footprint. That’s a fary cry from 2013,  when she was one of the only design students in her school with a luxury and sustainable fashion focus.



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