From A Career in Fashion Media to Founding A Magazine for Women Facing 50 with Forbes Contributor + Style Expert Kristen Philipkoski

I love bringing smart, cool and accomplished media people on the Spirit of 608 podcast every once in a while to let us into their world and bring insight into what the people creating coverage and content think about the FEST space (if you’ve listened to the show for a while, you know this). For this week’s episode, I was *so thrilled* to bring a conversation with a longtime journalist and expert in the West Coast’s style scene to your ears. 

But wait, there’s more! The woman you’ll hear from today not only lets us into her perspective on independent and ethical fashion right now and, of course, how to pitch someone like her in order to land yourself in publications like Forbes, but she also walks us through why she’s moved away from editing well-known sites like Eat, Sleep, Denim to launch her own publication and podcast. And it’s not just any media outlet, but one that there is a dire need for: one for women facing 50 without a hint of an interest in doing what society kinda-sorta tells women of a certain age to do these days, i.e. stay quiet and slowly disappear.

Listen to the episode for Kristen’s story, insights into connecting with contributors to publications like Forbes and how she’s bringing women’s voices and lifestyle content for 50-ish-and-still-all-kinds-of-alive ladies to readers and listeners without many alternatives. 

Meet this week’s guest, Kristen Philipkoski, founder of Mean Magazine

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