Four FEST Crowdfunding Campaigns You’ll Want To Fund Right Now

The FEST scene owes a lot to crowdfunding. So many sustainable fashion brands have gone from idea to reality by getting their big start from sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe. Wondering what the next big crowdfunded FEST brand could be? Check out these awesome startups and see whether you’d like to back their mission!

Ife Medow

A stylish fusion of African aesthetic and homegrown American flavor, Ife Medow brings an ethnic feel to luxury bags with ethically produced materials. Founder Toyin Ajayi attributes Ife Medow’s look to her Nigerian-Ghanian descent, as well as the places and experiences that have shaped her personality. All Ife Medow bags also include RFID protection built in, and are made with sustainable materials such as cork leather, jute, salmon leather, and rPET felt made from recycled plastic.

Check out Ife Medow’s Kickstarter here.

Alana Athletica

Championing women empowerment on all kinds of levels is Alana Athletica. These yoga pants not only use the best clothing technology to make sure your pants fit and feel great all on types of female bodies, but the company provides job opportunities for young victims of abuse in Sri Lanka. Through their product, Alana Athletica aims bring a sense of community to women all over the world, “from the designer who created every curve and cut, to the abuse-surviving seamstress who sewed every stitch.”

If you’d like to support Alana Athletica, you can find them on Kickstarter.

Milo + Nicki

For that carefree 70’s look without the guilt of fast fashion, check out Milo + Nicki – a company with Indian and Zambian roots determined to empower the world through their ethically produced product. Milo + Nicki takes care to make sure that all their partners support fair trade, ethical and sustainable fashion, and good working conditions for workers and staff. They believe in “designing clothes that last, and are made without compromising people or the planet.”

Check out Milo + Nicki on Kickstarter here.

Artisan & Fox

Artisan & Fox is an online marketplace that connects the global market to unknown yet talented artisans from developing countries. Artisan & Fox began in Nepal, as artisans struggled to make ends meet after the effect of the 2015 earthquake. Today, the company has branched out to Kenya, Guatemala, Afghanistan, and Mexico, with 50% of all profit given directly to the artisans, while the other 50% goes to funding a new batch of artisans to make the marketplace sustainable.

While this campaign has been successfully funded, you can still can support Artisan & Fox on their Indiegogo page.

Images courtesy (from top) Ife Medow, Alana Athletica, Milo + Niki, Artisan & Fox  



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