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Hey there! Is this you?

You’re building an amazing brand, and you want more visibility, momentum, growth, new connections and press mentions.

You’ve been looking for a team that gets your mission — and how editors, journalists, bloggers, podcasters and content creators think.

You’re ready for a new approach to media strategy and PR, one made to fit today’s media landscape, where high volume pitching to hundreds of journalists has become a waste of time, press releases are next to useless and social media is increasingly pay for play. You want meaningful earned media coverage that furthers the goals you have for your business — not just vanity press that does little to move the needle. Along with traditional PR, you understand the power of creative strategies, collaborations, partnerships, thought leadership and public speaking, and you’re ready to experiment with how they can increase your brand’s visibility.

If that sounds spot on, then keep reading.

What We Do

Strategy Sessions

Book one-on-one sessions for custom media advice, coaching and campaign planning when you need it.

Full Service PR + Consulting

Partner with us to get visible, get media + grow through traditional PR and creative strategies.

Expert PR Training

We train founders and startup teams in pro media + visibility tactics so you can keep PR in-house until you're ready to outsource.

Spirit of 608 Promotions

Unlock the Spirit of 608 platform to reach new audiences through sponsorships, custom content and more.

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