3: Creating a Global, Sweatshop-Free Activewear Brand with Yogi & Entrepreneur Renata Facchini of Liquido Active



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Today’s guest is Renata Facchini, the yogi and entrepreneur behind Liquido Active, makers of activewear and swimsuits with prints that pop and a commitment to sweatshop-free production in Brazil. With her eye for style and commitment to creating a line that was made in a way that’s in line with her values, Renata has built Liquido Active into a brand with fans in Australia, the U.S. and beyond.

And to think she only set out to start a small brand sold in a few Aussie yoga studios.



But wait, there’s more!




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Renata tells me how she got to where she is (Miami via Australia via Brazil), why she chose to partner with an existing company to start her own brand and what’s special about the way her company’s apparel is made. Hint: all leggings are limited-edition, sweatshop-free, quick-drying and SPF 50+.

Listen in for her story, tips and advice, including her strategies for keeping Instagram fresh and engaging and the app that’s key to managing operations across time zones.


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